5 Most common Hp printer problems and fixes

Do you have problems with your Hp printer, don’t worry. I am giving you some tips & suggestions to get rid of all those problems.Hp printer support number
Printers like other machines need proper care and maintenance for a better performance. Sometimes the problem is not so lengthy, it’s tricky but our eyes don’t catch those problems. Some problems are specific to either inkjet or laser but mostly are common to all types of printers. Some points are important to keep in mind that if the problems are more complex, they will need the expertise of professionals. So we should make sure whether they are major problems or minor before opening our printer. So, I will share some tricks that will definitely work for your printer and you will get rid of all problems. If you are facing more critical problems you may visit our site to get a number HP Printer Support Number

Problem 1:  Printing is too slow.

Solution:  Printers of different models have different settings. Hence HP has also different settings than others. Select print and properties and then look for a setting that reduces print quality. Also, change the default print quality setting from Normal to Fast Draft. For more speedup, if it is possible to print pages from the website without any graphics. It will give a better speed.

Problem 2:  Print jobs are sent to wrong printers.

Solution:  Sometimes without any reason, windows may select a default printer and sends the print job. To fix this problem, you may click start and then select printer and devices. And then right click the printer you want to make default and select set as default printer.

Problem 3: Prints really look bad.

Solution:  This problem is more likely to be due to supplies or hardware. So make sure you have the correct paper and media selected for your print driver. Also, check whether the paper loaded in tray matches the type you selected in the printer driver.

Problem 4: Outdated Technology.

Solution:  It happens when you and your printer both are very compatible to each other and you are much attached to your printer and then as a sudden, you started to notice that it demands some changes and hiccups now. Then, have patience and accept the fact that it’s time to let it go. Be ready for a replacement and consider a new printer with the service contract.

Problem 5: It costs too much to print.

Solution:  First, think before you print. Make sure you want to print whole document or only a page or two? Only print those pages that you really need. Also, print in draft mode that takes less ink. If your Hp printer supports duplex printing, it will save a lot of paper.

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